Studio Cecília Lara

Studio Cecília Lara offers a poetic approach to interior architecture
of high quality, with exclusive designs and furniture, through rigorous and accurate curation.
Our production offers customers the possibility of delivering custom-made objects and furniture,
customized. The creation process involves all the steps for the completion of the contracted work, the
architecture and interiors, the manufacture and supply of furniture, lamps and objects,
including the installation of the entire environment.

Our differentials


We are an interior and exterior architecture firm that attends from design to execution.

159 customers served

143 projects delivered


Online and face-to-face service

Our processes


Briefing with client and technical visit to the project site

It is through this moment of contact, search, knowledge and understanding of what the customer needs and what potential that space can offer, that the entire design and execution process begins.

Project development

The development of the project includes meetings with the client, study of layout, design, textures, furniture design

Approval Meetings

The meetings with our customers are of special importance, it is there that we will have all the feedback of the work developed. Often our meetings are held in our Studio but it is essential to also have moments in the space that will be designed.

Coordination, Execution

Now that everything is defined, through projects, 3D images, feasibility studies, and budgets, it's time to carry out our entire design process. It is a unique moment, where the design technique, the management of the work, and the solution given through professional experience come together to make our client's dream come true.

The founder

Cecília Lara


With more than 18 years of experience in architecture and design projects and civil works management, the Architect and Urbanist Cecília Lara, graduated from the Federal University of Uberlândia and with a Master’s in Architecture from the Escola Superior Artística do Porto, created Studio Cecília Lara. Operating in the Portuguese market since 2017 in projects and coordination of remodeling and rehabilitation works, in 2021, together with its best suppliers and partners, it creates a space to demonstrate the full potential of design with taylor-made furniture and exclusive pieces.